Smithers Community Services Association

Mission Statement

“Working together to enhance the quality of life in our communities”

SCSA Vision

“A place where hope, opportunities and possibilities are realized”

SCSA Values and Guiding Principles

Values are deeply held views of what is important; they are fundamental beliefs that guide the actions of the organization. Values make a difference in how people behave inside an organization and how they feel about themselves, their colleagues and their leaders. When organizations adhere to their values and principles, they convey a strong message about who they are and what people can expect.

Guiding principles define the values within the context of the work of the agency. 

The principles guiding the work of SCSA are:

1. We help each other live with confidence and courage.

2. We believe in the power of belonging.

3. We act with integrity.

4.  We grow through creativity and flexibility.

5. We celebrate the strength of diversity, equity and inclusion.

6. We promote cultural awareness, sensitivity and humility.

7. We cultivate contribution and participation.