The Meadows


Independent Living BC (ILBC) is a partnership between Smithers Community Services Association, BC Housing, and Northern Health Authority. Together we provide seniors with disabilities with affordable housing, hospitality and personal care services, social and recreation activities. The partnership allows people who require some assistance but not 24-hour care, to remain living independently.

The role of Smithers Community Services is in the management of the building, and the provision of hospitality services which include social and recreation activities, meals, emergency response service, and housekeeping and laundry.

Northern Health Authority is responsible for the personal care aspect of the program, and BC Housing provides funding, monitoring of the society, and standards of care.

The Meadows has 14 single bedroom units that are all self contained and wheelchair accessible. Two units are specifically designated as handicapped and have modifications to accommodate someone in a wheelchair. The Meadows is a non-smoking building and pets are not permitted.

To be eligible to live at The Meadows an assessment needs to be completed by Northern Health to determine suitability. Anyone interested should contact their local health authority or call The Meadows for more information.

Program Contact Information

Nicole Oben, Acting Co-Site Manager

Email: [email protected]

Lily Lewis, Acting Co-Site Manager

[email protected]

Phone: 250-847-8884
Fax: 250-847-8872