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FASD Services Program 

“Our services aim to increase awareness around FASD, improve supports to individuals and families living with FASD, and this way help prevent further prenatal alcohol exposure.”    

What is FASD?

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder is a lifelong brain-based physical disability resulting from prenatal exposure to alcohol. FASD includes a range of effects, including developmental, physical and learning symptoms.

FASD is an invisible disability – exposure to alcohol during pregnancy can affect how the baby’s body develops, including the brain.Most people with FASD don’t have visible physical signs – what is noticeable are the behaviours.

A person with FASD has a brain that works differently and usually develop more slowly than their peers. He or she may process information more slowly, struggle with planning and organizing, have problems with memory, abstract thinking, understanding language, and difficulty handling their emotions.

 "Change your thoughts and you change your world" - Norman Vincent Peale

What can you do to help?

To best way to help someone with FASD is to examine your approach:
• Shift from trying harder to change the person to understanding the cause of his/her behaviours.
• Match your expectations with the person’s abilities.
• Focus on the person’s strengths and interests.
• Adapt the environment to match the person’s needs.

What FASD Services Program offers

Workshops on the brain-based approach to FASD
• Individual support for caregivers and professionals
Facebook page with information, news and events
• Resource Lending Library

• Partnership on prevention and awareness events.
• Support to Local FASD network

People living with FASD are “10-second people in a 1‑second world” - Diane Malbin

Our philosophy


• Video recordings of sessions from the 2012 FASD Regional Conference - See more at:http://www.scsa.ca/programs/other-services/fasd-services/fasd-2012-conference/
FASD Fact Sheet for Health Professionals 
FASD Fact Sheet for the general public

“Recognize strengths, tap into passion”

Interesting Links

• The Asante Centre for FAS:  http://www.asantecentre.org/

• Canada FASD Research Network: http://www.canfasd.ca

• Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse: http://www.ccsa.ca/Eng/topics/alcohol/Pages/default.aspx 

• David Boulding: http://www.davidboulding.com/

• FASCETS: http://www.fascets.org/index.html

• FASCETS Canada : www.fascetscanada.com 

• FASD & Justice: http://fasdjustice.on.ca/

• FAS World:  http://www.fasworld.com/

• Government of Alberta videoconferencing sessions on FASD: http://fasd.alberta.ca/

• Government of BC FASD page: http://www.mcf.gov.bc.ca/fasd/

• Provincial Outreach Program for FASD: http://www.fasdoutreach.ca/

• Public Health Agency of Canada: FASD Homepage: http://www.phac-aspc.gc.ca/publicat/fasd-fw-etcaf-ca/index-eng.php

• Whitecrow Village FASD Society: www.whitecrowvillage.org

“Change the environment, not the person” 

Program Contact Information

Nathalie Brassard, Program Coordinator
250-847-9515, ext. 226