Smithers Community Services has become Reaccreditated! SCSA has recently been notified that we have been reaccredited for four more years by the Council on Accreditation (COA). This is a significant achievement for our organization and one that we are extremely proud of. Reaccreditation attests that an organization continues to meet the highest national standards. It also provides assurance the organization is performing services which the community needs, conducting its operations successfully, and managing its funds effectively.

Although the formal part of the accreditation process has been completed, our work is far from over. COA accreditation is not an end in and of itself. Rather, it is a process by which our organization can consistently strive for and achieve new levels of excellence.

Congratulations to Board and Staff of SCSA for all the hard work that was done to achieve reaccreditation!

SCSA is committed to the accreditation process of organizational review and renewal, including the implementation of all best practices standards into our daily routines.

What is accreditation? “Accreditation is a formal process of organizational review. It identifies that an agency has met standards of practice developed by impartial consumers, stakeholders, professionals, and provincial and national organizations. Accreditation focuses on quality, ‘best practices’, accountability and administrative competence.

Who is our Accrediting Body? Council on Accreditation (COA) is an international accrediting organization for Children and Family Services.

Themes and Values in COA’s Standards:

  • Respect for Human Dignity and the Rights of Persons and Families Served
  • Community Orientation and Stakeholder Involvement
  • Holistic Approaches
  • Cultural Diversity and Competency
  • Consumer Involvement in Decision-Making
  • Interdisciplinary Teamwork/Collaboration
  • Accountability and Risk Management

What Accreditation Means to Employees and People Served: As a professionals working in a human service agency, we know how important quality services are. Accreditation can make an organization a better place to work and it can improve services to people served by having:

  • Clear and responsible leadership and management practices.
  • A system in place that collects assembles analyses and utilizes outcomes data and other collected information to continually improve programs.
  • A written plan for obtaining input from persons served that is part of a strategic planning process.
  • Cultural competency.
  • Monitoring of fiscal management, human resources and health and safety practices.
  • Service provision that demonstrates dignity and respect for all persons.
  • Clients informed of their rights starting from their initial contact.
  • Respect for the preservation of confidentiality.
  • Clients provided with the opportunity to be involved in their service planning.
  • Family involvement encouraged.
  • Clients informed in writing of the complaint procedure. When a client has a complaint or concern, the agency will assist without reprisal.
  • Services to children and youth covered under specific stringent standards.
  • The agency is thoroughly familiar with the available community resources for their clients.
  • The agency work with other service providers when appropriate and possible.