Homelessness Prevention Program


The Homelessness Prevention Program connects people who are experiencing homelessness, or at risk of becoming homeless due to crisis or transition, with housing.

The Housing Outreach Worker will engage clients “where they are at”, and:
• Conduct a needs assessment
• Assist with personal goals
• Refer to appropriate housing options
• Identify and refer to income assistance and other income supports
• Create connections with stable accommodation(s) and appropriate services
• Connect with and, where appropriate, accompany to support services and appointments
• Follow up with and provide ongoing tenancy support and skills training

As well as:
• Connect with community organizations and service agencies
• Build and maintain relationships with landlords providing housing to Clients
• Provide education and resources to landlords to support and maintain Client tenancies

The Housing Outreach Worker and client complete an intake form, conduct a needs assessment, and develop a case plan.  This provides clear direction and defines the goals that will be worked on during their time together.  This may include help with navigating the rental market, sourcing available housing, accessing appropriate services or working with a landlord to improve their relationship with the tenant.

The program welcomes self-referrals as well as referrals from other sources.

Program Contact Information

Please call or email to make an appointment:

email: [email protected]

Goodacre Place - 250-847-9515 ext 2011