Cottonwood Manor


Cottonwood Manor is a seniors housing facility located in Houston, offering 6 Assisted Living units and 16 Independent single bedroom units. 

Assisted Living

Cottonwood Manor Assisted Living is a partnership between SCSA, BC Housing, and the Northern Health Authority. Together we provide seniors with affordable housing, social and recreational activities, and hospitality services. Our intention is to enable people who require some assistance to remain living independently.

Partnership Roles

Smithers Community Services owns and operates Cottonwood Manor overseeing the day-to-day business including but not limited to client intake, two meals per day, housekeeping and laundry, as well as social and recreational activities.  

Northern Health Authority provides the eligibility assessment, as well as the personal care provided to our clients. 

BC Housing provides funding, monitoring of the society, and standards of care.


Northern Heath presents applicants (who meet criteria medically) to SCSA’s site manager. The site manager then performs an interview to determine if the applicant is suitable to live safely within the residence given their needs and capabilities.  

Independent Living

Cottonwood Manor Independent Living offers affordable housing for seniors 55 years and older and is a non-smoking property and pets are not permitted.   

Cottonwood Manor Senior's Independent Rental Application

For more information or questions regarding assisted living or independent living please don’t hesitate to call.

Program Contact Information

Nicole Oben, Site Manager
Phone: 250-845-3770
Fax: 250-845-3775
Email: [email protected]