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 Smithers Community Services Association, we recognize that volunteers are the foundation of many community non-profit organizations; playing a significant role in helping organizations achieve their mission, goals and objectives.

Therefore, SCSA strives to provide meaningful volunteer experiences for people who wish to contribute to strengthening the health and well being of the community and its members.

SCSA values community contribution and believes volunteers are entitled to the same employment standards as employees; therefore, volunteers are governed by all relevant Smithers Community Services policy and procedures, including participating in an application process similar to applying for a regular employment position.

Smithers Community Services Volunteer Opportunities

SCSA Board of Directors – Contribute to the governance and strategic direction of the organization

Goodacre Place Emergency Shelter – Assist shelter staff with a variety of tasks

Christmas Hamper Program – Help with sorting, assembling and delivering Christmas Hampers during the holiday season

Community Learning Services – Tutor adults individually and participate in other community learning events

English Language and Multicultural Services – Provide English Language tutoring to newcomers and participate in cultural learning events

Better at Home – Connect with seniors in the community, Visit, read newspaper, grocery shopping, lawn/garden care, plow snow etc.

What to expect when applying to be a Volunteer at SCSA

1) Volunteer Application Form – Potential volunteers are asked to complete an application which provides Smithers Community Services Association with your contact information, availability and capacity in which you wish to volunteer.

2) Interview – Potential volunteers will have the opportunity to meet with the program manager to discuss the volunteer position and your suitability.

3) Reference Check and Criminal Record Search are required for many volunteer positions and will be explained fully during the interview process.

4) Orientation and Training – Successful volunteer candidates will receive a position description, orientation and training prior to the start of their probationary period.

5) Evaluation Process – Volunteers undergo an annual performance evaluation with the opportunity to provide input and feedback to the organization.

SCSA Volunteer Application Form